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Martial Arts Training For Kids - Erina

Martial Arts Training For Kids - Erina

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Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids and Where to Find Martial Arts Training in Erina

Martial arts are ancient disciplines that involve training your body, mind, and soul to act as one. Practitioners of martial arts always strive for harmony while at the same time learning effective self-defence techniques. Kids who participate in martial arts enjoy benefits in many areas of their lives. Here are a few of the advantages of martial arts training for kids.


Fitness is an essential component of all martial arts classes regardless of the ages of the students. In kidís martial arts classes, students warm up with exercises such as push-ups, jumping jacks, and stretches, and the movements of the martial art itself give the cardiovascular system and muscles a challenge. Martial artists are often flexible, strong, toned, and fit ñ and this includes children.


Itís very empowering to feel that you can defend yourself against an assailant. Martial arts for kids, just like all martial arts, use self-defence as their cornerstone. The precise methods vary, but with regular practice, children learn to defend themselves in a variety of ways. Martial arts schools often also teach children street-smart techniques that can help them avoid problems in the first place.


Martial arts can help kids develop mental focus and the ability to concentrate on a task from beginning to end. This discipline carries through to all areas of life, from school to work to relationships.


Participating in martial arts for kids in Erina is all about respect. Kicking, punching, throwing, and locking are secondary to the respect shown at all times in the dojo. Children learn to treat others as they would like to be treated. Good martial arts instructors emphasise respect and teach their students to practice respect for themselves as well as their families, teachers, and peers every chance they get.


Children who participate in martial arts tend to have a lot of healthy self-confidence. Learning a martial art and working through the belt ranking system gives kids measurable, attainable goals to achieve. They then enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from graduating to new belts or mastering new techniques, and this confidence follows them throughout their lives.

Where to find martial arts training for kids in Erina

Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides a welcoming atmosphere and high levels of training. Many of our students go on to compete in national and international tournaments. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu involves the ground part of MMA. Based on leverage, itís considered one of the best and most efficient martial arts for self-defence. Itís also the best self-defence for women. Martial arts are a great way to end bullying and help kids build confidence. We have two convenient locations and more than 600 clubs around the world. If you are looking for martial arts training for kids in Erina or Wyong, contact Gracie Barra BJJ today to book your free trial. We are organised like a team, fighting like a family.